In the end, these invitations leave me with many questions. Are bat mitzvahs still like this? Are Internet-savvy kids still happy to play such games as Limbo and Seven-Up? Are today’s affairs nut and wheat free? Must the face-paint be hypoallergenic? These are all big questions. But I imagine that the concerns of the youngest party-goers remain the same: Who’s popular? What did you wear? Were the party favors amazing? And why do only the popular kids get to dance when you know you have the moves? Perhaps there is already some bookish child who is grappling with these very questions and hurrying home to scribble notes on what she has seen. To that child I say: Don’t fret. Years from now, your life will seem like a glittering smorgasbord of unimaginable delights: book clubs, art classes, nature hikes and - dare to dream!- square dancing parties. You might even attend the bat mitzvahs of your friends’ children. And this time around? You’ll dance your way.