Sometime between when we were children and when we had children of our own, parenthood became a religion in America. As with many religions, complete unthinking devotion is required from its practitioners. Nothing in life is allowed to be more important than our children, and we must never speak a disloyal word about our relationships with our offspring. Children always come first. We accept this premise so reflexively today that we forget that it was not always so.
Reading long sentences without links is a skill you need — but can lose if you don’t practice. Reading long, literary sentences sans links and distractions is actually a serious skill that you lose if you don’t use it.

Science Has Great News for People Who Read Actual Books - Mic

Thankfully, the year before I started at DePaul, I read a whole bunch of long, complicated novels. And the year before I started at Northwestern, I went to DePaul


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September 12 - Shabbat Dinner

September 21 - Vision Boards for 5775

September 25 - Rosh Hashanah Dinner

October 4 - Yom Kippur Break Fast

October 11 - Havdalah in the Sukkah

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Two more events this holiday season if you’d like to join TBD Minyan in Chicago. I can also help you get tickets to Emanuel Congregation in Edgewater, if you need somewhere to be on Yom Kippur.